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Episode 28 – Kathy Smart

When I was in high school I was the kid sports teams asked to join the team if they needed people to fill spots. It wasn’t because I was the best, it was because they knew I did everything and enjoyed playing all the things. I remember once wondering how it was even possible to be doing as many things as I was doing. Oh, and I think I broke my nose playing volleyball once.

Well, listening to Kathy Smart of Live the Smart Way talk, I can’t help but wonder how in the world she’s managed to do as many things as she’s done while continually moving on to more and more things.

It began when she introduced gluten-free foods to the store she worked at. Then she realized people weren’t experiencing these foods the way they could be experienced so became a chef to prepare them. Then from there to personal trainer and then to the logical next step in the life of a Do All The Things person to creating her own cookbook.

What impressed me most (or a top five thing at least) about Kathy was the come-right-out-and-say-it self-belief she has. While she has had moments where she’s questioned the rationality of some of her undertakings, never has she doubted that she’d succeed. Ne-ver.

Take a listen and learn about the Coffee With Mom business rule and the highlight of her cool things she’s done list. Stick around to hear her talk about the Live The Smart Way Expo she decided to organize for those looking to eat smart, move smart and live smart. Because the other things she’s done just weren’t enough.

She’s an amazing woman even if she does have too many nice things to say about Chris for my liking.

In summary: Stay tuned for more. Her ideas have no limit.

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