Kat Inokai Heath Horejda

Episode 23 – Kat Inokai and Heath Horejda

We had a blast on the podcast with Kat Inokai and Heath Horejda from The Bump and Hustle! Kat talked about her role as managing director of Retrograde Films and their new award winning film, Ten Thousand Steps, while Heath, who is an actor, takes us behind the scenes at the audition process.

We talked a lot about our definitions of failure and why you need to just throw fear to the side and take some shots at the things you really want to accomplish. We also got into our favourite movies and superheroes in one of the most inspiring episodes we’ve had to date. Kat and Heath are completely infectious in the best possible way and we know you will love listening to them and come out of it motivated.

I hope you enjoy and as always, if you feel like heading over to iTunes to show us some ratings and review love, we would certainly appreciate it and may even give you a plug on the next episode!

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