Creative Minds Podcast – Episode 5 – Elan “Schmutzie” Morgan

This week on the show we are excited to have the chance to talk to writer, poet, designer and all around creative mind, Elan Morgan. You may know her best from her blog,, where she shares her amazing stories. Listen a we talk blogging, photography, cats and more!

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6 thoughts on “Creative Minds Podcast – Episode 5 – Elan “Schmutzie” Morgan

  1. Christella

    I just have to say I was blogging in 2002/2003, too! :P Livejournal, baby!
    Then i started my first blog on blogger in 2006. Taught myself social so much I finagled a job in a technology conglomerate. :P

    Enough about myself though. Love your podcast, Chris (and Elan you rock, too!)


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